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Chinese food pictures are provided by A highly specialised, online food picture library. It has been set up by leading London Photographer Michael Michaels who has over 20 years experience in food photography and has worked for many leading clients both in the UK and abroad. Food photo library provides high quality Chinese food pictures that can be downloaded directly to you computer for instant use.

All our Chinese food pictures are in RGB(Adobe) format which we feel gives you not only a faster download but also a wider range of colours. You then have the ability to convert your food images to CMYK for printing purposes or keeping them in RGB for other uses. All our food pictures are compressed using the maximum quality jpeg compression setting. This also reduces download time but the quality is so good that we defy anybody to see a difference between the compressed food images and the uncompressed. If however, you would prefer to have an uncompressed image, please let us know and we will arrange it for you.

chinese food picturechinese food pictureschinese food pictures

Chinese food pictures

Latest Images

Our pictures are constantly being updated and added to, so please visit our latest food pictures section for our latest selection.. If you are unable to find the pictures you are looking for, click on our request image section, where you can not only specify the kind of food image you are looking for but you can even request that your picture is custom shot to your own specific requirement, by booking in a shoot with us. We will be pleased to contact you and discuss your exact requirements, where you can be assured that your photos are produced to the highest quality.

chinese food pictures

Using our chinese food pictures

Our pictures can be used in a variety of ways. As well as brochures, stationary, and promotional material, you can also use our food photos for your web site, vehicle livery, advertising campaigns advertorial features and food packaging..

Searching for your pictures is easy with food photo Simply click here to go to the search page where you can search for your required food pictures by keyword, category, or code. If searching for an picture with more than one keyword, and you want “both” as opposed to “either” keyword to appear in the search results, simply add a “+” symbol in between your keyword and the results will show pictures containing all your keywords. If you leave a space between keywords, then the search results will show food pictures containing either keyword.


If you are looking for recipes to publish with your pictures, you’ll be pleased to know that we can provide recipes for most of our online food images. Please let us know in our contact page and someone will get back to discuss your requirements.

Light box

Food photo library offers a very useful light box facility which enables your computer to memorise pictures that you are interested in and recall them at any time form your own computer. Your lightbox selection can also be emailed to a friend or colleague who will be able to see your exact same choice.

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